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Costa Rica is a country made for every surfer; small crowds, friendly locals, warm water, big waves and low prices. The Northwestern Pacific Coast is arguably the finest region for surfing. Here waves of all sizes, for beginners and experts break all year long. There are many spots, both remote and close, that pick up swells all year round. Remote from other tourist developments, Playa Negra, a quiet sleepy little town, and still occasionally, inaccessible to everyone but those with the ability and gumption to forge rivers and rally their 4x4 rent-a-cars through meter deep fjords of mud. Playa Negra boasts itself as one of the last true, genuinely remote surf spots in the Americas. With its world class right point-break and lesser ridden left break it has something to offer every variety of derelicts. Considered by many, one of the top spots in Costa Rica, has rock bottom with perfect right-hand barrels, and well defined channel for paddling out.

A surfing experience in pristine conditions: crystal clear water, abundant sea life and remnants of the tropical forest down to the high tide line. Sea turtles and parrot fish cruise the line-up accompanied by schools of brightly colored reef fish. A white sand beach south provides swimming and boogie-boarding opportunities for the whole family.


There are several other reef breaks close at hand, and one cloud break for those of you with the endurance and gonads to paddle several hundred meters to take off on a reef, in only a couple of feet of water. In the immediate vicinity we have numerous other, less known breaks that you are just going to have to wait to hear about when you get here…………


A short drive widens your horizons to include dozens of other spots: the reef, beach and river mouth breaks at Avellanas, 10 minutes by car from Mono Congo Lodge. Playa Avellanas and Little Hawaii, depending on swell direction, always have something to offer, even in the least ideal conditions, with several beach lefts and rights. The break has good exposure to both Northern and Southern Hemisphere swells and is reasonably consistent year-round. December through April is the dry season, and surfers can expect steady off-shore breezes, cloudless skies and flawless conditions. May through November is officially considered to be the rainy months. However, one may arrive during one of the little summers, and encounters perfect conditions and a Southern Hemisphere swell to boot.


Another half hour brings you to Tamarindo, the sometimes-crowded surfing capital of Guanacaste, with the nearby breaks of Playa Grande and Langosta and its interesting night life.To rent surf or bogie boards, take surfing lessons or tour to visit different surf breaks on the area, please contact us to send you more information.  

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